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Orchestrate A Culture of Quickly Reporting Workplace Injuries

September 27, 2018 by 

band in front of shipping containers for article, Orchestrate A Culture of Quickly Reporting Workplace InjuriesAn important role of the claims management team is to coordinate with employers and defense interests to make sure quickly reporting workplace injuries is a top priority of your organization.  It is easier for claims to be evaluated and decisions regarding primary liability to be made in an effective and efficient manner when injuries are quickly reported.  There are many steps claims management teams can make to develop important work injury compliance steps, which includes the use of evolving technology.

Emphasis the Importance of Reporting Workplace Injuries

There are several steps that employers can make to ensure workers’ compensation claims are reported in a timely manner.  This starts with developing a culture of understanding on the part of the employees.  This goes beyond making sure the proper posters are displayed in the workplace:

  • Make all new employees aware of workers’ compensation information at the time of hire. This includes providing documentation to new hires about the name of the company’s workers’ compensation insurer and other contact information;
  • Provide documentation on how work injuries should be reported and the information needed to make a report of injury; an
  • Ensure that the employer has a contact person to make sure the First Report of Injury is filed timely with the workers’ compensation insurer. In some instances, employers and their staff are unsure how the process generally works.  Making sure these persons understand the process is important.

All workers’ compensation insurance carriers and third-party administrators can provide information to their insured on these processes.


OSHAConsidering New Reporting Procedures For Work Injuries


DWC_logoOSHA is concerned that injury reporting may be inaccurate because employers may have policies that discourage employees from reporting injuries.  Therefore, OSHA is considering three provisions:

1) A requirement that employers inform their employees of their right to report injuries and illnesses free from discrimination or retaliation;

2) A provision requiring that any injury and illness reporting requirements established by the employer be reasonable and not unduly burdensome; and,

3) A prohibition against disciplining employees for reporting injuries or illnesses.

OSHA is asking the following questions:

* Do you or does your employer currently inform employees of their right to report injuries and illnesses?  If so, please describe how and when this information is provided.

* Are there any difficulties or barriers an employer might face in trying to provide such information to its employees?  If so, please describe them.

* How might an employer best provide this information:  orally to the employee, through a written notice, posting or in some other manner?