Top 10 Excuses For Not Reducing Work Comp Costs

  1. Too costly, something that in reality is a misperception, referring to the cost containment process;Top 10 illustration
  2. The business is decentralized and its operating units are in fact autonomous;
  3. The company is centralized, thereby making it unable to have any sort of influence on the operating units’ decision-making;
  4. The business is unionized, therefore the union will forbid it from making the necessary changes (in most cases, this is simply false);
  5. A business that is too large (one with an abundant amount of silos, regulation and inflexibility) or too small (too few resources) can’t decrease costs;
  6. The business simply believes it is unable to have a return to work program;
  7. The company believes it is unable to produce modified or transitional positionsin its environment;
  8. The company’s management does not back them (bad take in order to achieve commitment);
  9. In fact, the claimant’s (plaintiff) attorneys are the root of the problem, making it imepossible for the company to improve;
  10.  Those businesses based in other countries with U.S. operations claim there is too much litigation in America.By  

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