What Is A Workers’ Comp Vocational Consultant?

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Vocational consultants are not needed on most of your worker’s compensation claims; just the severe claims. When an employee has a level of permanent partial disability, to the point that the impairment from the injury will prevent the employee from returning to work, a vocational consultant is required.

Vocational Consultant Evaluates Ability of Injured Employee to Work

vocational rehabilitation consultant tee shirt for article, What Is A Workers’ Comp Vocational Consultant? A vocational consultant evaluates the ability of the injured employee to work and then assist the employee in finding employment within the physical limitations of the employee. The typical course of the vocational process is for the vocational consultant to perform a vocational assessment including vocational testing, perform a labor market analysis, a transferable skills analysis and assistance with job placement.

To access the injured employee’s ability to perform a different occupation, vocational testing is used. Testing to measure the employee’s educational achievement, aptitude, interests, and level of intelligence may be used to gauge what the employee’s skills are. These tests are the first steps in a vocational assessment for the employee.

The vocational assessment for each employee is done on an individualized basis. To make a complete evaluation of the injured employee’s abilities, the vocational consultant will:

  • Complete a detailed interview to obtain the employee’s background information on formal education, trade schools, prior work experiences, interests and hobbies
  • Based on the results of the detailed interview of the employee, a
    transferable skills analysis will be completed
  • Vocational testing to verify the level of the transferable skills the employee has will be completed


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